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May 30, 2013

watch ‘top des petits signes que tu habite a paris’… here

and thank you veronique for the translation…

1. Your Monday mornings look like this [ed: on the subway.]
2. For 25m2 [ed: 270 square feet,] your rent is 800 Euros [ed: $1,050.]
3. You have never used the Seine river tour boats, but you wave “Hello” to tourists…
4. You never talk to your neighbors.
5. You are happy when it only takes 48:21 to get to work.
6. You never cross the beltway to go to the suburbs. Well, ok, sometimes you do.
7. You say to yourself you really have to visit the Louvre… one day.
8. You know what subway car to get on, to face the nearest exit when you step off the train.
9. To a lot of people you are just a “Parigot” [ed: derogatory nickname given to Parisians, rhyming with…] “tête de veau” (calf’s head.)
10. Top three animals you hate the most: Pigeons. Rats. Tourists.
11. You like it when Paris is empty in August… and the Parisians have left the city.
12. You know what “rush hour” means [ed: notice photo of a Parisian park on a sunny afternoon.]
13. You know the best places to kiss.
14. You know each subway line by its color [ed: there are 14 total.]
15. You know how to avoid danger on sidewalks [ed: danger = dog poop.]
16. You can locate each arrondissement (district,) well… almost. [ed: There are 20 arrondissements in downtown Paris.]
17. You constantly visit “awesome exhibits…
18. You never turn down a chance to have a cup of espresso on a terrace… not even for 10 Euros [ed: $13.]
19. The hardest part about your vacation, is returning [ed: Sunday evening traffic!]
20. You know that sometimes, Paris can be magical [ed: photo of le P.S.G., the Paris soccer team.]
21. There are 894 shows playing every evening… but you never go.
22. You can test the world’s cuisines… simply by changing neighborhoods.
23. You can buy a bottle of wine; too expensive; mediocre; at any hour.
24. You meet poverty every day… but you don’t notice it anymore.
25. Once, you found a cab quickly (with a nice driver to boot!)
26. You like it when Paris wakes up at 5:00am… as you are going to bed.
27. You know why la Défense neighborhood will never be Manhattan [ed: Parisians *love* New York City!]
28. You are certain that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world.


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